Stephan Keppel — Soft Copy Hard Copy Enter Enter Zine

Stephan Keppel — Soft Copy Hard Copy Enter Enter Zine

22 x 30 centimeter / 22 pages / duotone / Design: Hans Gremmen / isbn 978-94-90119-94-2 / Also available as combination sales with the book Soft Copy Hard Copy, and with the Enter Enter Edition / Price is excl. shipping

A city is a collection of elements which repeat, vary, and multiply. Keppel creates a subjective databank of these elements, which he in turn repeats, varies, morphs and multiplies in such a way that a new perspective on the city is created. Many works in the exhibition deal with the visual language of construction sites. A city is always under construction: on a micro level, this is a temporary event, but on a city scale, it is permanent. Many of the tools and structures used at such sites are created on location for specific purposes. Often, these intermediate products are then discarded when the work is finished. Keppel collects these visual traces and readymade sculptures, such as the wooden structures that frame pipelines, the leftovers from stone and concrete drillings, the colored sticks that mark specific locations and the plastic pipes for electricity cables. This vocabulary of construction is a new chapter in Keppel’s ongoing research into the public space, urban structures and reproduction.

For his exhibition at Enter Enter, Stephan Keppel has translated his book into physical objects for the project space, producing installations based on the pages of the book and investigating the relationship between the book and the installation space as a form of representation and re-creation. These spatial installations are —for this zine— translated back onto paper in a layered collage-like registration, blending all parts of the proces into a new object.