Working with:

Mariken Wessels, Thomas Kuijpers, Diana Scherer, Bertrand Cavalier, Dafna Talmor, Stanley Greenberg, Brian Ulrich, Stephan Keppel, Marie-José Jongerius, Martine Stig, Ine Lamers, Raimond Wouda, Wilco Versteeg, and many others


UNSEEN, Amsterdam: 19—22 september 2019
Institut pour la Photographie, Lille: 11—13 October
FLAT Art Book Fair, Turino: 1—3 November
OFFPRINT, Paris: 7—10 November

Addendum to “Why Exhibit? Positions on Exhibiting Photographies”

Footnotes for Krzysztof Pijarski’s essay (pp. 17–30) were unintentionally omitted.
A footnoted version can be downloaded here