Stephan Keppel — Flat Finish (Edition)

Stephan Keppel — Flat Finish (Edition)

Edition of 25 (signed + numbered)
Box: 25 x 33 x 5 cm / smooth cardboard / silkscreen inside and outside / signed + numbered
Prints: 2 x A4 (21×29,7cm) print. A: laserprint on 80 gr silver Chromolux / B: offset on 250 gr Chromolux
Book: 22,5 x 32 centimeter / glued, no cover / 400 pages / bw + 7 PMS colours / Design: Hans Gremmen
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In ‘Flat Finish’ Stephan Keppel explores and investigates the known, and unknown, structures and surfaces of New York City. By assembling a subjective databank of images and reproductions of city walls, architectural references and urban structures, Keppel strips the city from its clichéd myth, and gives a new perspective on the Metropolis. This publication is part of Keppel’s ongoing research on the public space, urban structures and reproduction, and is combining his own photographs with re-photographed archival material and other (online and offline) found footage. Printed in special high pigmented inks, mostly black and white, but also fluorescent colors and metallic inks, this book is also questioning its own (re-)production. By doing so it becomes part of Keppel’s endless loop of recycled images, works and installations.

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