Rosie Heinrich — we always need heroes

Rosie Heinrich — we always need heroes

210×297 mm/ 136 pages + 8 pages insert / softcover / Printed in Cyan, Magenta, Gold and Black + perforated pages / English / Design Hans Gremmen / isbn 978-94-90119-66-9 / Best Dutch Book Design 2018 / Best Dutch Book Design 2018 — Student selection / Shortlist Arles Book Awards 2019 / Price is excl. shipping

“There’s never any innocence in the processes of remembering and forgetting.” The art of reframing and rephrasing, discursively creating and conveniently forgetting, the misconstrued, the black holes, the blind spots: ‘Alternative facts’ have always been present in the making of our histories, nations, self-storytelling and -imaging. When the banks collapsed in Iceland in 2008, not only did the country fall into a deep recession, its inhabitants also found themselves in a ‘cultural crash’; the nation’s collective reality proved to be an illusion, a construct: fiction. ‘We always need heroes’ surveys the contemporary state of our narrative landscapes. A multi-vocal complex of perspectives, in which interchanging voices complete one another’s sentences, punctuate and perforate their meanings, and derail directions.
‘We always need heroes’ is a multidisciplinary project by visual artist Rosie Heinrich. The project also comprises a video work – click here for teaser.

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