Michael Ashkin — were it not for

Michael Ashkin — were it not for

21,5 x 28 cm / 256 pages / tritone / softcover / isbn 978-94-90119-80-5 / Thanks to Cornell University, Ithaca (NY, USA) / Design Hans Gremmen / Best Photobook of 2019 (PhotoEye: Adam Bell, Michael Mack) / Best Photobook of 2019 (Deadbeatclub: Tim Carpenter, Matthew Genitempo, Raymond Meeks, Brad Feuerhelm) / Best Photobook of 2019 (Photobookstore Magazine: Brad Feuerhelm, Vanessa Winship )  / Price is excl. shipping

Michael Ashkin works across a range of media – painting, photography, sculpture, video, and text. Uniting these diverse practices is a conceptual focus on the way that notions of space and place, landscape and self, are shaped by wider political and economic forces. ‘were it not for’ is combining a 670-line text with 218 photographs of the Mojave Desert. This combination creates a a powerful sense of unease throughout the document, which is exploring the idea of fear and haunting as an effect of the violent legacies contained within the landscape, and as a function of the technologies that we use to represent it.

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