Hans van der Meer — Minor Mysteries (limited edition / pre-order)

Hans van der Meer — Minor Mysteries (limited edition / pre-order)

Signed and numbered, edition 100
Text on cover in gold embossing (regular edition will have white foil embossed text)

Book: 23 x 22 cm / 176 pp / printed in quad tone / text: Hans van der Meer / Design Hans Gremmen
Print: Hahnemühler Fine Art Baryta Satin in Secol sleeve. Size paper: 22 x 20 cm, with 20 x 14,3 cm image.

Delay: Due to some technical issues the book is delayed and scheduled to be published january 2023

Inspired by legendary street photographers Hans van der Meer took off to Budapest in the fall of 1984 and stayed, with interruptions, for a year. Minor Mysteries provides insight into what fascinated Van der Meer as a young, curious outsider in a country that at first sight seemed alienating and distant, but where he quickly found his way. Without a preconceived plan, he let his intuition guide him, wandering the streets like a director collecting scenes for a script. This is how he stumbled upon wonderous, playful, at times tragicomic situations. In retrospect, the series is like a monument to an era in transition. An era that was nearing its end, in a city in the heart of Europe, that looked battered under the weight of history, but with hope for something new.