Elian Somers — Border Theories

Elian Somers — Border Theories

24 x 34 cm / 136 p / fc / hardcover / English / Texts: Elian Somers, Kerstin Winking, Hester van Gent / Design: Hans Gremmen / 978-94-90119-19-5

By using photography and historical documentation, Elian Somers investigates in ‘Border Theories’ the relationship between architecture, politics and historyin three Russian cities. In the 20th century Birobidzhan, Kaliningrad and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk were designed, built and redeveloped under the Soviet regime, with the utopian vision of a socialist city as the guiding principle. By examining their development, Somers reveals how visions of urban planners, nourished by political convictions, could control but never fully overwrite a city and its history. Texts by Elian Somers, Hester van Gent and Kerstin Winking.

Best Photo Books of 2013: Volkskrant