November 2011 / Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam

Nomination Rotterdam Designprize
The Rotterdam Designprize is one of the most important design prizes in The Netherlands. For the 2011 edition, the eleventh edition, five scouts selected each three different designers or projects. With this new approach the partners hope to stimulate the discussion about the meaning of design.
For this edition the photographic related designwork of Hans Gremmen is nomintated. Jury: “…The magazine Fw:, which explores the implications of the ways photography is represented, merits special mention. Thus, in Fw: 9: ‘Off the Wall’, he documents several photo exhibitions with shots of the works on display in which the backgrounds are left out. The works are shown in perspective, distorted on the white background of the page. Here, the designer has found a form that strikes a balance between exhibition and publication and at the same time questions both.”