July & August 2009

‘Cast (part 2)’ by Raymond Taudin Chabot at De Balie, Amsterdam
The publication ‘Cast (part 4)’, published by Roma Publications in 2007, was the reason for Fw: to invite Raymond Taudin Chabot to make an exhibition at De Balie. As an answer to this question Raymond made the exhibition ‘Cast (part 2)’ which will be shown until september 2009. The photographic serie of empty waitingrooms ‘Silent Queue’ is the binding factor in the exhibition. in the -espacially made for this exhibition- publication ‘Cast (part 2)’ Raymond is investigating his own work by deconstructing his photographs and putting them back together on the pages, and extend them with new work that is also shown in this exhibition. By putting this publication up front in the presentation -it will be distributed during the exhibitions in the cafe of De Balie- the circle is completed. The exhibition of Raymond Taudin Chabot is the second part of a duo-presentation. In May and June the work of Paulien Oltheten was shown at De Balie. Caroline von Courten will write about the thematics of these to exhibitions, which will be included in a final publication.