8 May—9 June 2009

Exhibition by Paulien Oltheten at De Balie, Amsterdam
The public domain and the street are the territory of Paulien Oltheten. The behaviour of people within these public spaces are her subject. She documentates, makes observations and discoveries. This is the footage that she will organize and make complete with thoughts and drawings written down. She doesn’t focus on large happenings, but her gaze is more searching for small gestures, and habits; a movement of a hand, a conversation of 2 people. recently she took a new step in her work. In Japan she was started to direct and interfere with the people and surroundings she was documentating. The exhibition will be shown until June 9. Following, Raymond Taudin Chabot will exhibit as part of this duo presentation. Caroline von Courten will compile an independent publication following the common theme of the exhibitions.