25 April t/m 24 May / W139 Amsterdam

Art Books in Light / W139, Amsterdam
From this day Fw: will take a new turn in clustering, publishing, distributing and initiating books. This will be done by our webshop and some specialized bookshops. Because of this new perspective Fw: was askes to participate in a venue ‘Art Books In Light’ , which is organised by W139 and publisher Valiz . The event will take place at W139 in Amsterdam. Valiz and W139 in Amsterdam are organising an event focusing on art books by smaller, independent publishers in the Netherlands and Belgium. The bookshop offers 15 independent art book publishers a platform for a joint presentation. A programme of readings, workshops and salons on the theme of the art book will be held from Friday 15 May to Sunday 24 May. With: 99publishers, 1001 Uitgeverij, Architectura & Natura, Basalt/Willem van Zoetendaal, BIS Publishers, De Buitenkant, Johan Deumens, Episode, Fw:, KesselsKramer Publishing, Mer, Onomatopee, Roma Public ations, TAB, V2-Publishing, Valiz, Voetnoot, Van Waveren.