17 September 2005

Fw:3 Centerfold
Inspired by the theme of the festival ‘Unreal Beauty’, Fw: tries to define the term ‘Beauty’. In this project Fw: placed several adds in different national newspapers. Without specifying the context, we ask for beautiful people to contact us. In contrary to model agency’s Fw: does not judge the looks of the people who respond, automatically they become centrefold models for the magazine. 16×21 cm / 15 fold-out pages / Graphic design and editing: Hans Gremmen and Dieuwertje Komen / Works by Olga Gorissen / Dieuwertje Komen / Linn de Kort / Karin Krijgsman / Ingeborg Moerkerken / Anouk Paulissen / Dani Smulders / Petra Stavast / Babette van Veen.